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Bright Ideas for Teenage Skin Care

By Joanne Purvis, Founder/Owner of True Girl Skin Care

I was inspired by my teenage daughter Alexia, who was starting to have issues with her skin, to launch True Girl Skin Care in May, 2011. At that time, I felt there was a growing awareness and need for teenage girls ages 13-17 to have a range of “starter” skin care products created with natural ingredients.

Being a mom of two teenagers, I feel their pain when they have sudden breakouts! Teenagers already have many conflicting emotions and so much else to deal with that the last thing they should have to worry about is their skin. Your face, being the first aspect of you that everyone sees, shouldn’t make you feel miserable, but rather reflect your glowing personality!

My work with Skin Nutrition for 12 years put me at the forefront of anti-aging skin care technology. It became my goal to design a range of skin care products that not only was to be free of all nasty ingredients, but gentle on the skin and kind to the environment. And so True Girl was born.

True Girl Skin Care celebrates all that embodies the true all American girl. Bold, friendly, and outgoing, she is in touch with the planet and careful what products she uses on her skin. She does not have cash to spend on high-end beauty products, but wants to start taking care of her skin responsibly, with a comprehensive range that is gentle yet effective for teenage skin.

Created with environmentally sustainable ingredients and components, True Girl products contain no harsh ingredients, parabens, alcohol, or colorants. Some of the key features and benefits of the True Girl line are:

  • Cucumber extract for cooling
  • Aloe vera gel to soothe and heal
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B complex) for anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Beta glucan for hydration and elasticity
  • Extracts of green tea, grape seed, bilberry, milk thistle, pine, and gingko biloba for antioxidant protection
  • Beracare Triple A System to reduce sebum output by 70% in eight weeks True Girl is made proudly in the USA. The head offices are in Newport Beach, California.

Stay True!

Note: True Girl Skin Care is an exciting new teen skin care brand available from Universal Companies. True Girl is perfect for connecting with younger clients in the treatment room—one of our top 10 trends for 2014—and its fun, bright packaging also makes it ideal for your retail boutique. Shop for True Girl online or learn more and get Brand Certified with our True Girl eLearning presentation.


Joanne Purvis