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My step son, Josiah, is a makeup artist at Planet Beauty.  They'd been wanting someone with acne to try your products and see how they liked them.

I'm very concious of ingredients, and my daughter was using Proactiv....which didn't thrill me, but it worked "somewhat."

I was skeptical about True Girl, not being sure it could/would work She used it faithfully for 2 weeks, and he asked her to report back.

We noticed less breakouts, and also, she'd had a lot of shine, which he said was from other products basically stripping moisture. That was noticeably diminished.

I thought you'd like to have the feedback!


Sue F

Tustin, CA

PS Faith is also a figure skater, team and solo...the wipes are perfect for carrying to practice!


  • “True Girl really helped my skin with breakouts and blackheads! I love TG J” Sydney. I. 14
  • “As soon as I started taking care of my skin with True Girl products, I was amazed how all the bumps and small pimples cleared up, almost overnight!” Lexi. V. 15
  • "I love True Girl! I can clean my face and avoid break outs without drying out my face or ruining my clothes!" Allie M. 14
  • "True Girl has everything teens need to look their best! I really like the cool colors, fresh scents, and clean feel after using the products." Kirsten M. 16
  • "As a mom of two teenagers, I don’t want them to put harsh chemicals on their young skin. True Girl's products work to keep their skin clear, without the drying, redness and other side effects of other teenage skincare lines with harsh chemicals. Highly recommend True Girl to tweens and teens!" Doreen M.
  • I have been using True Girl for almost two years now.   I used to be bad about cleaning my skin and would just use soap and water.   My skin is normal to oily and True Girl products have been great in giving me a beautiful complexion. I play a lot of sports and the daily cleanser leaves my skin super clean and fresh.   My favorite True Girl products are the Mask and the Zit Zapper, they are the best.   Thank you True Girl for making an awesome product especially for teens! Lily C, 15
  • I began using True Girl Products about a year ago. I am dark skinned and when my skin gets dry I get white patches.   My mom gave me the True Girl Moisturizer to try and it has really kept my skin nice and soft.   I do a lot of sports from soccer, swim and cheer and I need to keep my skin clean from all the sweating. True Girl has been great for me I love their Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. I also like the cleansing wipes. I keep a bunch in my cheer bag and they do a great job of refreshing my skin after my practices. Miranda C, 13
  • I have been using True Girl products for a year now and my skin has never been clearer. I am so happy with the results! I almost never break out any more and when I do, I just use the products and my skin is clear the next day. My skin is constantly very smooth and feels amazing! Thank you True Girl for helping me have such great skin! Nicole G, 15